Friday, July 25, 2014

Lead Teacher Day 25 July 2014

Had a good discussion about introducing BYOD in our school. I think it is absolutely necessary as I am certainly feeling that I want more ICT equipment in class but there is simply not feasible to further purchase school-owned equipment.  BYOD is a natural progression.

There are so many questions to be answered in introducing a policy such as this into our community.  While it makes it so much easier to stipulate a device, the reality is that the devices we want are expensive and that may have repercussions for families.  Introducing this needs to be done in a well thought out manner and cannot be rushed through.  So many things to consider...

I am excited about the eBytes sessions planned for this term.  I think very short, focussed sessions for those who are interested will help to boost the attitude to ICT again - bring back the love!

Next Steps

  • Have a look at more resources from other schools using BYOD
  • Review Youtube Capture app and have resources for Week 2

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