Friday, July 25, 2014

Lead Teacher Day 25 July 2014

Had a good discussion about introducing BYOD in our school. I think it is absolutely necessary as I am certainly feeling that I want more ICT equipment in class but there is simply not feasible to further purchase school-owned equipment.  BYOD is a natural progression.

There are so many questions to be answered in introducing a policy such as this into our community.  While it makes it so much easier to stipulate a device, the reality is that the devices we want are expensive and that may have repercussions for families.  Introducing this needs to be done in a well thought out manner and cannot be rushed through.  So many things to consider...

I am excited about the eBytes sessions planned for this term.  I think very short, focussed sessions for those who are interested will help to boost the attitude to ICT again - bring back the love!

Next Steps

  • Have a look at more resources from other schools using BYOD
  • Review Youtube Capture app and have resources for Week 2

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lead Teacher Day 6 September 2013

I particularly liked the look of the site for ESOL learners.  I am focussing on ESOL as my PLG this term so these ideas will help me better integrate my ESOL learners in the class programme.  Lingro is a site that you can filter other sites through.  By doing this, it allows users to access dictionary definitions of all words on the page.  Would be particularly useful for James as his English proficiency improves.

I shared my tips for integrating ESOL students using Chrome extensions and apps.  I am loving using the Translate extension for translating entire web pages.  It has made our learning accessible for James despite his language difficulties.

Have used the Youtube functions and Clipping Magic.  Am excited to see more and more previously computer base functions having web-based alternatives.

e-Portfolio Blogs and Sites
Sara and I spent some time preparing for the Staff Meeting next week where we will be reporting back on the trial we have been running.  I am really pleased with the feedback from the students and particularly the parents to see that they are as happy as I am with the changes we have made.  I am looking forward to rolling this out with the whole school.

I have had some conversations with staff already and they are positive and genuinely interested.  We will have to be very mindful though that staff still haven't had a year of consolidation of their skills so are again 'on the back foot'.  We will need to be as gentle as possible so as not to dampen the enthusiasm.  Students in other classes are apparently jealous of the fact that our students' e-Portfolios are 'cool'.  Awesome!!

Next Steps

  • Trial with James
  • Start thinking about things we can do this year to help make the transition to Blogs easier for teachers next year.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lead Teacher Day 1 July 2013

There have been significant shifts in the attitudes of staff towards e-Portfolios this term.  Teachers are really appreciating the changes to expectations and the result is a new enthusiasm for trying out new ideas.

My own e-Portfolios have been good this term.  The workload has been quite high but at the same time I have been enjoying working with Google over KnowledgeNet so am prepared to put the extra effort in.  I love that the kids have personalised their blogs and they reflect them as people, where KNet was a  very sterile environment.  The sites are looking fantastic.  I am very keen to make sure that the facility of being able to print out a "report" remains.  I can see this answering a lot of concerns for parents.

I have fallen behind a little bit - there are extremes in my class. Some blogs have  almost 15 pieces of evidence in them, whereas some others are struggling to meet requirements.  It will have to be my focus next term to make sure that these stragglers are kept up-to-date.

iPad User Group / Staff PD
I think this will be a good idea for better equipping teachers with using iPads in their classrooms.  It will share the expertise around the group and also help share the load.  I haven't done fantastic job supporting my people this term but I think making a commitment to meeting as a group will help that.

Am looking forward to doing the voluntary staff PD sessions.  I think because they are voluntary they will be really positive and allow confidence to grow with ICT.

eLearning Progressions
Happy with how these are progressing.  I think they will be achieveable for what I am seeing for Year 6.  I like that they are a teacher resource and not something that the kids will be marking off necessarily.

We achieved a lot today - covered a lot of topics and had some good discussions about where the school is heading.  I am excited about the prospect of BYOD being a possibility as soon as 2015.  Can't wait for that.

Next Steps

  • Plan for supporting students who struggle with increased ICT workload.
  • Make sure evidence is being collected at every opportunity (as much as possible) to help students reach their targets.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lead Teacher Day 12/18 April 2013

  • Great positive discussion around getting issues with ePorts addressed.  Discussion was frank and non-judgemental which allowed the issues and not personalities to drive the discussion.  Came away feeling that things will likely improve.
  • Good to use ICT Lead Teachers to help with this - am happy to be included in the process of making things better.  
  • Excited about possible transition to Google.  This will solve so many of the problems and I really think will help lift student engagement as well.

ICT unconference
  • How to amke your photo "digital".  Instead of just posting a photo, what are some ways that we can use a photo (something we're comfortable with) and also increase ICT component at the same time (something new) - e.g. Fotobabble, are good options.  Drag into Comic Life and add headings, text etc  Lots of easy options that will help teachers.
  • Using Google Presentations instead of Keynote
  • Like that PLO will be on addressing things that have come directly from PMI.  I think this will be seen as a positive step by staff - evidence that comments have been listened to
 Elm Park Primary Collaboration

Next Steps
  • Start thinking through possible options/obstacles for Blogger being used in the classroom
  • Start planning now for next e-Port round - build evidence into planning.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Lead Teacher Day 30 November

i-Pad Workshop - Book Creator
    • Awesome idea to use to rewrite picture books.  Use camera on iPad to photograph images from the book and hten have students write the story to match.  Excellent for promoting inference.  Students should not have read the book prior.
    • Read the book to the kids later.  Their understanding and connections to the book are greatly improved from the detail they have considered in creating their own versions.

    i-Pad Workshop - Trialling new apps
    • For use in Junior classes - basically and electronic version of sentence strips
    • Creative Book Builder - complex and complicated version of Book Creator
    SMAC Down
    •  Instgrok - Will definitely use this next year in teaching research skills with the kids.  Researching through mind mapping.

    Next Steps
    • Using Instgrok in Term 1 when teaching Research Skills
    • Next year as part of teaching inference - book creator idea.

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Lead Teacher Day 14 September 2012

    i-Pad Workshop - Book Creator
    • Useful app for publishing.  Create interactive books on the i-Pad which can then be published as an iBook.  Consideration is that is can only be viewed on an i-Pad, consider audience. 
    • Ability to include audio and video.  Can create drawing using art apps to drop in.
    Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    • Visit to have a look at Google Apps for Education and in particular Teacher Dashboard.  So many possibilities.  Use of Google sites for e-Portfolios.  Teachers have access to everything in student account.  Students can be exposed to Google suite in a monitored environment.
    • Discussion about BYOD. About 50% at BBI.
    Next Steps
    • Perhaps look at publishing fables using Book Creator.  Use drawing pad to create images?  
    • Drawing pad to create calendar art

    Friday, June 22, 2012

    Lead Teacher Day 22 June

    m-Learning Sharing Session

    • Year 2 sharing Voice Memo to improve reading fluency and accuracy, Puppet Pals for creative story publishing (iPad only)
    • Year 3 sharing Maths apps - Bubble Maths, Racing games.  Good for kinasthetic learners, would hold attention well.  need to check if these on ipods
    • Interesting talking to boys from R21 about use of ipods.  Some definite advantages to having one to one devices, for iPods anyway.  I-pad better for collaborative learning.
    LT Workshop
    • Some good ideas shared through Smacdown.  Links on wiki.
    Next Steps
    • Introduce students to dictionary on iPods to use during writing.
    • Remember some of the basic maths apps have extensions into integers more applicable to our level than first thought.